Night Of The Consumers

Indie games gain more and more popularity among players, especially if they come with horror elements. If you are looking for a new plot of this kind, try Night of the Consumers, an adventure that will make you sweat! So you start as plain salesperson in a big supermarket. Your duties include all possible assistance your customers may need. You will find goods for them, help them to check the price and tons of other things. It seems a routine job without even a hint on thrills and jumpscares. But as you progress through your working day, you will observe some strange visitors’ transformation.

Will you survive till the end of your shift?

The last few working hours of the supermarket turn into real chaos. The customers get seized with rush and unbelievable impatience, creating lots of problems. They all run to you and demand your help. But you can hardly cope with this endless flow of requests. Unfortunately, you cannot neglect these. The customers will immediately leave a complaint, and you will be fired. So you must stay focused and try to instantly react to everyone that asks for your help. How long will you maintain your patience? Accept this challenge to find it out!

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