Ronald McDonalds Horror

Well, hold onto your trays, folks! Because Ronald McDonalds is after you. Stay one step ahead of that crazy clown while gathering up all the Happy Meals to survive the unholy circus of fast-food and horror!

Beware of Ronald!

In this wacky and creepy game, you’ll find yourself trapped in a nightmarish fast-food joint, and who’s the ringmaster of this twisted show? None other than Ronald McDonalds himself! But this ain’t the cheerful Ronald we all know and love. Oh no, he’s turned into a demented, grinning clown that’ll make your french fries go cold with fear!

Your main goal is simple (or maybe not so simple): stay away from Ronald McDonald. Avoid him like you would a five-alarm chili challenge, because getting caught by that maniacal clown spells certain doom! But it ain’t just about running and hiding. You gotta gather up all the Happy Meals scattered throughout this sinister circus.

Pick up all the Happy Meals!

Why, you ask? Well, Happy Meals are like golden tickets to survival, my friend. Each one you collect gives you a precious boost of energy and keeps you going strong. It’s like finding a nugget of hope in a deep-fried sea of despair. So grab those Happy Meals, chomp down on the burgers, slurp those milkshakes, and keep the fear at bay!

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