Traditional horror games with predictable outcomes quickly become annoying. True fans of this genre always wait for new cool challenges. And here is one of them! You will try to escape a maze. Do not sigh with disappointment that you have already passed dozens of mazes before. However, this time it will be especially spooky, even if you are going to be the only personage during the walkthrough. So, you start in a weird labyrinth. It is abandoned and old – with stale atmosphere and moldy yellow wallpapers. It consists of identically looking rooms and corridors that seem to never end. Maybe there is no exit here!

Do not give up!

After you walk for quite long, lots of tricky thoughts start swirling in your head. You feel like you are trapped here forever. There is nobody who can help you. Moreover, you notice strange shadows following you. Can these be paranormal entities that are hunting for you? It looks like you are losing your sanity. How to succeed in this dead end? Look around more carefully – you will see different objects. Try to interact with them and you will sooner or later find a hint. Bit note that not all players will safely leave this scary maze! Do your best not to become one of them.

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